Sunday, November 28, 2010


I inspired my best friend in the world to start a blog and hers is coming along beautifully! Cookie recently posted some fabulous pictures but I want to share with you one of her posts about her arts and crafts. This is similar to the kinds of things I will be sharing but haven't quite gotten around to it. I hope you enjoy!!

Love you Cookie!!

So Proud...just like a mama :)

The Seminoles finally beat the Gators 31 to 7!!! It has been way too long since I have seen my boys whoop University of Florida and my oh my does it feel good :) I spent a wonderful day with my girl Kat tailgating in Indian Village and watching the game (not in the stands unfortunately) but it's still wonderful to walk away from yesterday with a long overdue victory! Too bad it couldn't happen while I actually attended FSU, but hey, I'm not picky!!

notice the dead gator...

Also! After the game I made a couple awesome Christmas cards. I will take pictures of them and post them in a couple days...let the holiday arts and crafts commence!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Black Friday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
I was lucky enough to spend the day with my boyfriend Steve cooking dinner for my dad :)
I promised that I would post more about the wine bar that I was at the other night and the great wine that I had while I was there. Lee's Wine Bar has a great atmosphere, owners/bartenders Lee and Gabe, wine selection AND they let you bring your smallish puppy dogs there! I don't now of any other place in Tallahassee that you can bring your dog out with you! I think it's a great idea. They have two dachshunds who they bring to work with them and they are the sweetest things. I linked the review of the bar that I found on Yelp because I couldn't find their specific website, but if I do eventually find it i will put it up on here.
The second thing about the bar was this wine. Drink's delicious :)


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"Kraeft-y Nicole"

I never really had many nicknames until I was older, but during my childhood this is what every person I met called least once... "Kraefty Nicole." I've always loved getting my hands art supplies that is.
I want to dedicate a large part of this blog to my artwork for several reasons. I think it is a great way to share my work and also to come up with new ideas, but I also hope it will motivate me to create more art. As with many things in my life, I will get super focused on one aspect or another but then I will let it fall to the wayside. I want to find a way to indulge in my many interests and to keep working on them simultaneously. I have never studied art seriously, aside from a few art classes and a photography class when I studied abroad in London, but it has always been something that has come very naturally to me. I think it is also very fitting that the artsy side of me does in fact come from the "Kraeft" side. Both my father and grandfather have dabbled in photography and I think they have a great eye for it. Below are a few of my favorite photographs that I have taken over the years. Hopefully soon I will go through some of my drawings and paintings and maybe some jewelry if you're lucky and post them up here :) 

Downtown Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee, Florida

Carrabelle Beach, Florida

Tallahassee, Florida

My Front Yard
Tallahassee, Florida

Seaside, Florida

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

London, England
London, England

View Down the Thames
London, England

Borough Market
London, England

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Not my idea of a celebration...

So feeling very motivated last night after finishing my First Ever Blog Post, I went home and washed dishes. Epic I know. It is somewhat of an accomplishment though because...and here I was going to list all the really "good" reasons I have for not doing the dishes... but seriously I'm just lazy.

It was one of my favorite vintage glass pieces. I found it at this amazing little thrift store in town called Good Finds off of South Adams. I think it was originally meant for serving candy, but I always kept my dangly earrings on it. Good Finds has some awesome treasures, you have to dig as with any great hole in the wall, but it is defiantly worth it!

Aside from this little casualty, notice how awesome my counter tops are :) This picture doesn't even do them justice because in real life they are BRIGHT turquoise! Oh 1950s...I bet you were awesome.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Drink up!

I will post a photo of this bottle of wine, but at the moment I am at Lee's Bar in the Lake Ella shopping center drinking House Wine... It's amazing! I don't know where to get it in town but I will find out!! Delicious!

Friday, November 19, 2010


I've been thinking and thinking about what my first ever blog post should be about, but each idea that I have conjured up has failed to satisfy me. So, as I do when I encounter other areas in my life that are difficult, I am now going to turn to chocolate. Since I was born, chocolate has soothed hurt feelings, brightened rainy days and made good birthday cakes into a absolutely incredible ones. So now, hopefully chocolate will come to my rescue again and make for a semi-interesting first topic.

I am a chocolate snob -I'm totally ok with that- and some of my favorite chocolate is foreign chocolate bars. These are just like the cheap ones you would find in a gas station here, but that's about as far as their similarities go. One of my favorites is the Galaxy Ripple Bar, which I happily stumbled upon in the Publix right down the road from my house, but I have also found them at Fresh Market. I've been to Europe a handful of times and one of the most memorable things about my trips is how good their chocolate is over there. It tastes completely different, there is no way to describe just have to go out and try some. I like the Ripple Bar because it is tiny ribbons of chocolate folded over and over again and then dunked in chocolate one more time for good measure, it's seriously amazing. 

I also love the packaging on these exotic little babies...even the "Nutritional Information" looks a lot nicer than ours does over here.

 If you see them in a store, I highly recommend treating'll definitely become a convert like me :)

Ok, so there's the very first one, hopefully that wasn't too painful!