Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back Home...

For years I worked at a local deli called Fat Sandwich. I adore this place, it is local, it is everything that I would want my business to be if I started my own company. I've recently had the opportunity to come back to Fat Sandwich and start working my magic on the place. We have three locations, the original one is on Railroad Avenue, the second location is in the R.A. Gray building next to the Museum of Florida History and we have a brand new one at the Hilaman Golf Course. All three locations offer a unique feel, but all of them are either already home, or quickly becoming it. Over the past couple days I have been drawing up flyers, visiting the stores, re-vamping our weekly giveaways and planning our Super Bowl party at the Hilaman location. It's really nice to be able to work for a company that I am so passionate about, it comes so easily. Although, none of this would be possible with out Luis...he's the bomb.

Also! I finally have a giveaway to put up here!!
I have some coupons for a round of golf with a cart for $10...leave a comment and you could win 1 of the 2 I have to give away :)


Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm feeling a bit patriotic...

I had an absolutely amazing day :)
My best girls and I went to Outz Too (I've mentioned this place before...awesome pics will come :) to see the Swingin' Harpoon Blues Band and they rocked it. These guys put on a serious show.

I can't wait until this Friday because they are playing at Mockingbird Cafe on N. Monroe :)
Check them out!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I got me some 'phunk last a good way :)

I saw these guys a few years ago at the annual Bear Creek Music Festival but they put on one hell of a show at The Engine Room last night!
Dumpstaphunk totally rocks my world, and one of my favorite local bands Catfish Alliance opened up for them. Thank god for my girl Cookie who bought my way in and danced with me the whole time :)

Side note...
I've been on a Guinness as of late, and that's totally ok with me :)


Thursday, January 13, 2011


At my acupuncture therapy appointment today...

Me: "Why did the pin in my right hand between my thumb and index finger hurt so badly?"
Acupuncturist: "That's because I am trying to help with your digestion, it is not good right now but we make it better :)"

Translation: "Your digestion is wack"
My hand still hurts, it's been five hours now...

On the brighter side, I got to squeeze into my favorite yoga class right afterwards :) I adore practicing yoga. I'm trying to be more religious about it. That whole new years resolution kinda thing. Wish me luck!

One more...

Poker is soooo good, yet so bad. Last week I played forever and walked away, only buying in once mind you (this is Texas Hold Em') and I waklked away with my buy in plus half, tonight I bought in three times and lost it ALL. Boo :( I love this game tho :)
"good luck all in" is a curse for me tonight.

Sweet dreams

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nothing New...but totally fabulous

One of the fabulous ladies that I work with has her own awesome business...and check out the name...
How cute is that?!? I went to one of her vintage garage sales the other day and these are the gems I walked away with. 

This girl has got some serious style, and I love her business cards :)
You can also check out her blog here where she shares her unique fashion ideas and lots of other neat fashion related ideas.

Seriously...check out her stuff!


Currently Listening To: Flightless Bird by Iron and Wine
Hello Twilight :)

It wasn't me...

I was taking my friend home Monday night and we came over the hill on Magnolia and saw this...

I was worried that the clerk at Bill's Mini Mart had been hurt during a robbery...but no!! Turns out the clerk shot and killed the robber! And then he ran outside and fired shots at the getaway car!! If I hadn't made my girl watch the extra bad ass scene in one of the most amazing movies of all time we might have been there right when it happened. Scary :(
On a happier subject I think I'm figuring out how to do more blogging from my iPhone...because I don't have Internet at my house. So hopefully I'll be posting cool stuff more often!

And get me some kitchen chairs...FO' FREE!!

Thank you :)
Courtesy of Beard St.
And if you haven't watched this my title won't make sense :)