Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ace Adventures...

We had to pick up some extra pieces for my new bicycle my man re-vamped? -furbished? -combobulated? (that just autocorrected to combo ulster?) anyways, I found this little guy...

Her wings flapped :)

Sadie the Seahorse

P.S. Yoga today was aweeeeeeesome (autocorrect... seedeaters me?)


Sunday, July 17, 2011

No bridge...

I realized I don't think I've ever really been anywhere that isn't connected to a large piece of land before. We went to Dog Island last weekend for a friends birthday, it's off the coast of Carrabelle, I had been fishing right off of it before but I had never actually set foot on the island before. We took a ferry over on Friday and were so lucky to stay in a gorgeous house on the bay side. It was absolutely amazing, so much wildlife, shells and lack of noise except the waves. It reminded me of going to St. George island as a child, almost untouched by people. We saw a baby stingray and baby horseshoe crabs and shells and shells and shells. I am so happy I finally got to go, it was out of this world :)

The Dog Island Dragon

Listening to the black keys :)


Monday, April 4, 2011

They tell me I like seafood...

Ugh... ok so there was lots of "funny..haha" kinda stuff on here, but the formatting wasn't cooperating for me (technology hates me, I've no idea why I have a blog)... so we'll go simple... 1.) Boss Oyster's in Apalachicola is one of my FAVORITE seafood places in the whole world... 2.) FourSquare tells me I love seafood... 3.) You need to go here. Put it on your bucket list. Now. 4.) "Gur, Go...Hugh difference kids, HUGE!! never mind, that's not relevant in any sort of way and you only get it if you believe in Pirates of the Caribbean...

Anywhoo.. here's some pictures!!

The sign...

The view :)

This is Hank...
We love Hank so much...
...we ate him and all of his friends :)
We also ate some of his distantly related cousins.
I don't know what's up with me and weird extended family relations today...I'm in a good mood, I had blueberry waffles at a ridiculously early hour this morning, I cleaned out my dogs ears...awkward... and I'm about to go to work :)


P.S. I just realized I forgot to sign my last blog post, oh no!! haha

We need some theme music...

Duh nah nah nah nah naaaaaah! I dunno what kind of theme music exactly...Turbo the Basset looks disgruntled...he's mot much of a beach man...and Tank looks nervous, but he always looks nervous. Ryan, well...Ryan always looks like Superman to me, I can't help it :) On second thought...maybe Superman's estranged cousin who somehow got left on the side of the road to be raised by some "less than super classy but still super nice when they invite you over to their trailer to eat raccoon" kind of people...I dunno, maybe it's just me...and the cut off sleeves haha!

It's been almost two years since I got to go to St. George Island...and the last time I went it was nasty, rainy weather and I didn't even set foot on the beach, so that doesn't count really...

When I was little my grandparents built a house down here and I spent a ton of time at the beach...but as it seems to be with growing up and all, I haven't had much free time to spend here. It's one of my favorite places in the whole world, Ryan's too :) We were lucky enough to make a trip down here on Sunday...with three dogs (feel accomplished much? yes we do...) haha anyways it was absolutely wonderful, we had a blast. The weather was perfect, the water was crystal clear, which is pretty uncommon at St. George, but it hasn't rained much in the past month so it was extra pretty. We got to see dolphins too!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Podophobics...look away

Is it weird that I've put up not one but two pictures with my feet in them in the past week?
It was just a coincidence, I promise...

This is the new nail polish I got today...I almost went with a turquoisey/green, but that's just not's Cookie all day long...but not me...I just can't turn down purple...any shade, any form, anywhere...
In fact in my room at my old house I had PURPLE the old Cola Cave...

Along with puppy dogs :) I don't think if I was given the opportunity I would paint my walls the exact same color...but maybe like a Wisteria color...that's my favorite...


Sunday, March 27, 2011

We are Siamese if you please...

We are Siamese if you don't please...because you can also get Thai here.

Siam Sushi in the Lake Ella shopping center next to Publix is delicious! This was an end piece of their veggie roll, too beautiful to eat! Their Pad Thai is amazing, their soup is beyond words and I also have had a glass noodle dish with vegetables which was excellent...but I can't remember the name of it! I totally miss Hopkins Eatery being at this location but they have done a great job, if you haven't checked it out you should!!



Cookie and I were on our way back from a dear friends memorial service in Blountstown when we stopped at Crow's gat station...

This rocked my socks!

The story the clerk told about the signs origin was perfectly fitting to the sign itself.
Apparently one of the usual delivery drivers was bringing in his last order to the station and wasn't going to be coming by regularly anymore. He took the standard "Boiled Eggs" sign down without a word, went to his truck and returned with this gem..."Boneless Chicken"
"There." said the delivery driver "Now you'll sell more eggs."

I adore North Florida...there's no other place like it.